BORDA wants to make sanitation accessible for everybody.
We are passionate about environmental balance, social justice and human rights.
BORDA connects technical expertise, global insights and access to decision makers, to make a meaningful contribution in the form of knowledge, technology and empowerment.
Our Planet and the global community face new crises.
1. Sustainable Development Goals
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals will globally influence thinking, policies and decision making for development of the upcoming 15 years. In this global process, BORDA can bring to the table hands-on insights into

a) why Basic Needs Services are the foundation of future perspectives for all,


b) factors and strategies to create sustainable structures for that.

Sustainable Development
2. Urbanization
The world experiences rapid urbanization at an incomparable dimension that is unique in the history of humanity. The idea and complexity of “Liveable Cities” is a challenge not only in emerging nations. Future perspectives are highly dependent on Basic Needs Services and participation of local communities. To foster sustainable development, it is important to develop and apply structural approaches that understand and handle complexity and diversity in appropriate ways. Linking sanitation, energy and water management with other dimensions of city planning are key to create urban spaces liveable for everyone.
We need new thinking, new partnerships and new initiatives.
3. Natural, political and social crises
Natural disasters, climate change as well as men-made conflicts are forcing millions of people to seek safety in host communities and foreign countries. While refugees in camps and host communities must be provided with Basic Needs Services like water and adequate safe sanitation, it is also key to invest in long-term solutions that foster health and wellbeing through Basic Needs Services, food security and economic perspectives in fragile states. BORDA addresses the needs of refugees in northern Iraq as well as students of vocational training centres in Afghanistan and farmer communities in Mali.
Together we can take that challenge!
It is our goal to bring the debate into new contexts.
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